We provide Soft Play Hire and Bouncy Castle Hire in Swanscombe and much more.

​Swanscombe is a neighbouring town to Greenhithe, Dartford. We hire regularly to Swanscombe hall hires and garden hires. We work extremely well with St Peter's and St Paul's Church Hall and Ebbsfleet Academy. You can access ​​​Swanscombe very easily via the A2 with great transport links for your family and friends. We highly recommend St ​Peter's and St Pauls's Church Hall and ​Ebbsfleet Academy as it has the capacity to hold any of our inflatables and fits our Soft Play and Bouncy Castle Package comfortably with lots of spare room for the guests. Both halls have a car park attached and a big kitchen to prepare food.

It is free delivery to Swanscombe as within our free delivery 10 miles area.

It is very simple to book with us, please click on the product you wish to book, you can then check availability or book online and you will receive a confirmation email detailing exactly what you have booked. Please make sure all details are correct.

Please find below the top 2 recommended halls:

1. St Peter's and St Paul's Church Hall

Swanscombe Street



DA10 0JZ

Phone Number - 01322 383160

Web Address: http://www.swanscombechurch.org/

2.Ebbsfleet Academy Primary School

Southfleet Road



DA10 0BZ

Phone Number: 01322 470642

Web Address: http://www.theebbsfleetacademy.kent.sch.uk/our-academy/venue-hire/

We look forward to speaking to you soon, please call us on 07810 411155 or email enquiries@cheekycharliessoftplay.co.uk if you have any questions.